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CPNC has a fantastic multicultural membership base, and whilst the sport has not always appealed to all nationalities, we take great pride in introducing new people to netball every single year.
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We have 60 years of experience

CPNC has been providing opportunities for girls and women in the local area for over 60 years, formerly affiliated with the St George District Netball Association, The CPNC has a long list of achievements as well as local and state representatives.

CPNC strives to provide club members the opportunity to compete at all levels of the sport. With club members ranging from 5 years old, to over 70 years old, we cater for everyone who cares to participate in the sport of Netball.

Sutherland Shire Netball Association

More recently in 2007, The club executive canvassed the opinions of then club members, to determine that they should re-affiliate with the Sutherland Shire Netball Association. Whilst controversial at the time, the decision was taken due to the opportunity to provide better and more competitive levels of competition for the players, umpires and coaches of the club.

Sutherland Shire Netball Association is well regarded as one of the strongest club netball competitions in the world, Connells Point Netball Club is the only club outside the Sutherland Local Government Area to be allowed to play in the competition.
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Life Members Connells Point

Here you will find a list of the people responsible for Creating, cultivating and continuing the culture of our club

Representative Honours

Take a look at the long history we have of producing Representative players

Maureen Finch Trophy Winner

Usually a trophy name is reserved for dead people This one is named after a special person who you all know And has been part of this club for more than half its existence A living Legend and fittingly Each years winner is our club person of the year

Val Hornby Umpire of the Year

Val was a dear friend and a committed umpire of Netball We knew her as an opponent and when she joined us we were a better club Her legacy lives with our umpire of the year

Coach of the Year CPNC

A coach is more than just a volunteer They are a leader, a teacher, a counsellor and a mentor Often their value is not realised until long after the season Here you will find out best

Player of the year CPNC

The game does not exist without players The players are the number 1 focus at CPNC All ages, all abilities, all welcome Here we recognise the achievements of an individual When really we could list every single member