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High-Performance Program

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Welcome to the Connells Point Netball Club High-Performance Program

2022 will see our club initiate a new program for our club members who are identified as extremely
talented or have the potential to develop into a high-performance athlete.

Over recent seasons CPNC have run the Summer Series for all interested netballers with huge
success and at no cost to the participants who have used their Active Kids vouchers, the Summer
Series will continue to form part of the CPNC Pathways program and will have sessions that are
planned in conjunction with the High-Performance Management team. The Summer series will
continue to be available to Everyone without any qualification process.

The High-Performance Program will run over a similar period to the summer series but will be
exclusive to the participants identified with exceptional talent and potential.
If you think you have the ability to be considered as part of the High-Performance Program you
should complete the expression of interest form below on this web page.

To help identify if you are someone who might be suitable for the program you would ideally be;

     Between the ages of 12 and 17
     Have an above average level of physical fitness
     Have an ambition to be selected in a District Netball Representative Team
     Already be in a District Netball Representative Team
     Be a current Connells Point Netball Club Member
     Intend to become a Connells Point Netball Club member for season 2023
     Be prepared to attend ALL scheduled HPP sessions
     Be able to accept direct feedback from the coaching staff

The High-Performance Program will largely be directed at improving the on-court performance of
our athletes; however, we understand that as we have access to these girls at such an
impressionable stage of their lives, we have a responsibility to develop them not only as players, but
as young women and we will be including educational sessions and some inspirational sessions as
well. Not only will these Athletes be prepared to crush their representative trials, but they will also
be educated in some important aspects of life and will be inspired by some of the women that have
gone before them to become high achievers in their field.

All Athletes who apply or are invited to apply will be subject to an interview and selection process

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