Happy New Year ’22


Just when we thought covid was over – half the club went out and caught it for Christmas!!

We certainly hope those of you that have endured Christmas with Covid are well on your way to a full recovery

And we also hope that no one has suffered any serious or life threatening bouts of the disease. On its present trajectory

and by the looks of the daily queue at the Poulton Park testing facility its probably only a matter of time until we have all had a dose

of it… so here’s hoping you all manage to stay safe for as long as possible.

What’s News?

Well the calendar has ticked over to January 2022, which means it is time to start thinking about playing netball for the winter season this year.

There is a new registration system that has been implemented by Netball NSW and whilst we have been through some training sessions in the back

End of 2021, We are not yet ready to open registration for 2022.

The good news is that when we do manage to get the technology in order we will be ready and raring to go to make season 2022 our BEST YEAR EVER.

Over the past two seasons YOU, our club members have been absolutely amazing with your patience and resilience in the face of Covid-19 and the disruptions

That have plagued our 2020 and 2021 seasons. We are confident of achieving a full season this year and we want to make sure we get everyone out of lockdown and back

Into sport –

We want all of our existing members to come back to netball, to remember what its like to hang out with your friends and run around having fun.

we want all of our existing members to invite a friend that doesn’t currently play with CP and ask them to join us in exercising and having fun

AND – this is the big one….

We want all the Mums in the club to consider joining us to play some afternoon netball, get out of the house, get some exercise and some friendly competition.

This year as part of our registration each player will be receiving a CPNC training shirt (with our club supporter logos on it) which we hope to see worn at training, over your

Dress on game day, and just generally out and about in the local area. And as ever, we are looking at ways to give families more netball for less money, We will be giving all

Returning members a $20 Credit to our merchandise shop so you can add some of our items to your wardrobe.

Get ready for registration – We will open the portal on Wednesday 12th January

We will not be closing the portal so you can invite your friends all the way up to day 7

We encourage you to register prior to grading to ensure you get the best opportunity to play with the most suitable team.

  • Remember to have your Active Kids Voucher ready at registration time
  • If you are a summer series participant we will send you a summer series $50 rebate code

We really cant wait to see you all back at Poulton Park in 2022, stay tuned to Facebook, www.connellspointnetball.com.au and Instagram for all the latest news and

Lets work together to make 2022 YOUR BEST YEAR EVER

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